lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014


This is a major issue , as there are many risks that can be run within our work environment , always depending on the type of profession we play .

The recommendation of health and hygiene should be directed to the type of work being fulfilled and the environment in which we work .

Being very large and diverse, it will be essential to have basic knowledge of health and safety if we work on our own and should be used , complying with the rules established by the constitution or company where we work .

Here some useful advice I got on the web:

Principles for the design job.
The workplace is the place where the employee performs his labor activity.
A properly designed job possible to prevent related diseases poor working conditions and increasing productivity.
The design of the workstation must match the characteristics and needs of the worker and the tasks to be performed .
If the workstation is properly designed , the employee may maintain a correct and comfortable posture.
When designing a job you need to consider several ergonomic factors , including head height , the height of the shoulders, arms reach , elbow height , the height of the hand, leg length and the size of the hands and body.
When thinking about how to improve a job remember this rule : if it looks right , it probably is .
If it seems uncomfortable, there is probably an error in the design, not the fault of the worker.
Drinking water . Must be clean and fresh, supplied by sanitary drinking fountains located at a convenient distance and in proper proportion to the number of workers . These drinkers should have devices that prevent the mouth of a person to make direct contact with the outlet end of the water.
Vector control . It can be defined as the set of measures to be implemented to ensure that the density of vectors ( flies, cockroaches , rodents, etc. . ) Decreases to an extent it is no longer a health problem.
The control of liquid waste . In considering the relationship between human health and water inevitably will be noted that the need for water supply involves establishing sanitary excreta disposal systems that preserve and sewage pollution of water and soil.
The control of the residual solids . The waste produced in a workplace without proper sanitary control produces affectations of aesthetic character , environmental pollution and problems relating to human health arising from the proliferation of insects and rodents , disease vectors .
Sanitary facilities . Every workplace should have an adequate number of sanitary facilities. They must be proportionate to the number of employees who use and placed in convenient locations and distances appropriate positions in the areas of work .
Ventilation . Good ventilation is very important. Offices and other places where work must be ventilated naturally or artificially , or both , appropriately, through the introduction of new or purified air. Under normal circumstances, be made between 30 and 40 m3 of air per person per hour , according to the local climate. As far as possible , and to the extent that circumstances permit , action must be taken to ensure that local air keeps a proper humidity level .
Lighting . It is one of the most important in a workplace factors. Proper lighting allows workers to perform their work in a comfortable and safe environment. Both excess and lack of it, exposes the employee to work accidents or certain eye diseases.
Windows . Nice to have some contact with atmospheric variations and the change of season , because, especially in the warm climate produces warm feeling and causes irritation and discomfort.
The maintenance and cleaning. It is important that scrupulous cleanliness is observed, because some kinds of powders can be full of germs. Therefore, the cleaning must be done so that the least amount of dust to rise . The bulbs and cold light lamps and windows must be cleaned regularly to prevent dust from settling and provide lighting . Cleaning should be done on a scheduled basis according to the characteristics of the local and , especially , should educate workers and users to care cleaning. Statistics show that the incidence of disease decreases significantly if the phone is systematically disinfected.
Eaters . Every workplace must have a labor room, separate office , exclusively to food consumption , especially when the task requires the retention of workers for periods of 4 hours or more . Tables must have sufficient and meet the sanitary - hygienic handling, processing and storage of food requirements .