jueves, 13 de febrero de 2014


 Surely to whom I read , one of his many concerns on security , is the theme your inbox webmail , we are the company that is , since with this theme WikiLeaks, we all feel as potential victims in a given time pirates computers , afraid third expose personal information of our personal , commercial or official correspondence if we work in a public agency .
 The first thing to consider is that a web mail stays on the server of the company that manages it, there, our mailbox ( e ) represents a file folder with all its details , e exit, entry , erasers and paper . For all this, the content of " our mailbox " email this to reach that server administrators , leaving his discretionary or rules that they have established , its management and use. Many companies or large multinational , pay huge sums of money by knowing the email addresses that are given there and to get to advertise their products , also intelligence agencies or major news agencies pay large sums to meet certain content, even there , countries already impose on companies webmail clauses to report illegal activities such as terrorism .
 Then comes the effort to "third party" less powerful than before, seeking hackers or known "hackers" to violate the security of the mailbox with computer gadgets and have access to the information contained therein of certain people, which for they represent an economic activity , the information is paid.
 When deciding on the use of a web mail, the first thing you should keep in mind that there is content, not will NEVER 100% backup in privacy. Only recommended company servers and institution should handle labor information and let the " sensitive " information is handled exclusively physical.
 If we decided to use a webmail to our personal correspondence , then we consider the following topics to improve safety :

Upon opening it, no we place on the registration form personal data to third parties that serve to determine our location, home, work or other data that we can compromise .
No we place an easy to guess password , such as our date of birth , passport number , identity , etc. .
The password must be alpha - numeric , must contain letters and numbers, must be easily remembered by us and should not be left written where others can see it.
The password must be changed on a regular basis , you should change it once a month , more than once every two months.
Most web mail, have a filter for " spam " , it should be enabled to avoid opening emails from unknown .
Do not open emails from people you do not know or businesses and web pages to which you are not affiliated .
Avoid sharing personal information on social networking that demonstrates access your mailbox.
Finally , note that nothing in the network is secure , so avoid sharing important information in that way .